What Are The Guidelines For Determining Child Support?

Most states have very specific guidelines for how child support is to be determined by the court. For the most part, however, these guidelines tend to have some specific factors in common. The factors can include things like the income levels of each of the parents, for example. The guidelines for determining child support can also look at the issue of custody. Finally, there are often specific issues such as medical insurance and income taxes that can play a factor in how exactly the court will go about determining child support.

In many cases, the income of the parents is the primary guideline for determining child support. If one parent makes a considerable amount more than the other parent, that parent will very often have to pay child support to the other parent. Income is not the only factor, but the income levels of the parents will be considered in determining the amount of child support that is owed, regardless of the other factors.

Custody of the child is another important factor that child support determination guidelines generally look at. For example, if one parent has full custody of a child and the other parent has limited visitation rights, it is likely that the parent that has custody will probably not have to pay any child support to the non-custodial parent. However, when there is some form or another of joint or shared custody, the child support situation changes. Even if one parent cares for the child half of the time or more, it is still possible that the income levels might determine that that parent would still pay child support to the other parent.

Finally, factors like medical concerns, such as insurance, and other financial concerns, such as who gets to claim the child on their taxes, will generally play some role in determining child support, even if the state does not have specific guidelines in this regard. To know what the guidelines for determining child support are in your state, you should consult a family law attorney who has had training and experience in litigating child support cases.

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