What Are The Chances of Getting Pregnant Without Penetration?

The chances of getting pregnant without penetration are relatively small. For a woman to become pregnant, a man’s sperm has to enter her vagina, travel to her cervix and up into her fallopian tubes, and there fertilize an egg. If there is no penetration, it is next to impossible for the sperm to make this journey.

However, sperm can live for an hour or two outside of the body. It is possible, if a man ejaculates, for some of that sperm to find its way into the vagina. This can happen from simple transfer, say from a finger or hand to the vagina. It is almost impossible for it to happen if sperm is nowhere near the vagina.

It is also possible to become pregnant even if a man does not ejaculate but there is still penetration. This is because the pre-seminal fluid (sometimes called precum) to have sperm in it. While pre-seminal fluid is not produced with sperm in it, if there is sperm in the man’s urethra from a previous ejaculation, the pre-seminal fluid may pick up the sperm and carry it along. If a man urinates after a previous ejaculation but before having sex, it is much less likely that his pre-seminal fluid will have sperm in it.

There are other factors that make “pulling out” a higher risk for becoming pregnant. Trying to avoid getting pregnant without ejaculation relies on the man’s ability to know his own body. He has to be able to tell right away when he is about to ejaculate so that he can withdrawal in time. In addition, using this method for birth control relies on the man’s self-control; he has to be able to stop himself at the very height of passion to make sure that he does not ejaculate.

Using this practice of “pulling out” as a form of birth control is not entirely reliable. Success rates run anywhere from 73 to 96% effectiveness. In contrast, the birth control pill is more than 99% effective, and the condom, when used correctly, is around 99% effective. In general, the withdrawal method is not always the best method of birth control. Even in cases where there is no penetration, it may be wise to practice another form of birth control, such as the birth control pill or the male condom.

  • wildrose

    Am I playing with fire?

    My husband and I use the pull out method. Its a method he has mastered so I am sure its effective. I have PCOS but my cycles are regular almost down to the day. Been tracking it for a year. There have been a few close calls where we thought the possibility of being pregnant was probable but my cycle started right on schedule.

    Over the weekend we fooled around a lot and he came all over my panties, completely soaked them and another time he came on me with only partial penetration. I am not expected to ovulate till this weekend so this happened within two days before my fertile period. I am 38 with no signs of pre-menopause. What are the chances of getting pregnant?

  • The PCOS will make it more difficult for you to get pregnant in general. Based on what you are saying, it is unlikely you will get pregnant from what you were doing, but having said that, there is always the small possibility.

  • kbug

    Me and my boyfriend didn’t have sex but he came on my stomach the day my period ended and some of it dripped down my thighs I wiped it off right away and two day later took the plan b pill 6 days after that I started bleeding like a normal period for 5 days could i still be pregnant?

  • It’s not likely.

  • jennifer

    hi i am planning to get pregnant but my husband is unable to penetrate his penis inside my vagina can i be pregnant if he ejaculate near my vagina and push it with finger inside? what are the chances of doing so. How can i get pregnant fast without penetration?

  • Cashiopea

    Hi, may I know if its possible to be pregnant if a quarter or half of man’s penis entered to vagina in 3-4 thrust to disvirgin and pull out aftr bleeding, it is possible to be pregy? TY..

  • Homer

    a big possibility

  • Cassidy

    If my boyfriend

  • Cassidy

    If my boyfriend came, and then gave me a handjob, what are the odds?

  • Michael

    Me and my girlfriend were having fun on bed, she got naked and i was in my underwear which was wet due to the erection, my penis was touching her vagina over the underwear, what are the chances of she getting pregnant?

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