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What are the Benefits of Sending My Child to Daycare?

Many parents stress over the decision to send their child to daycare. However, the truth of the matter is that most children actually benefit from daycare and it helps to share these benefits with the parents. It is a lot easier for parents to send their children to daycare when they feel they are doing so to help their child rather than doing so simply so they can go to work. While there are may benefits of sending your child to daycare a few of them will be discussed below to help give you a better understanding.

Friends and Socialization Skills
If you stay home with your child he will learn to interact one on one with you, but he might be lost in a group. However, kids who attend daycare learn quickly how to assert themselves in a crowd, how to make friends, and how to socialize. Of course, some squabbles arise, but often times the kids learn how to resolve the conflicts on their own. This takes some time but the longer your child is in daycare the better he will be at socializing and standing up for himself.

Prepared for School
If your child has been at home with you day in and day out for five years and then all of a sudden has to go to kindergarten for an entire day you will probably be met with some resistance. However, if you begin sending your child to daycare then he will soon become accustomed to spending most of the day away from you and will really enjoy having his own friends. He will love coming home and sharing his day with you and telling you all about his new friends and activities. For this to be effective you can simply send your child to daycare two or three times per week. This is a nice break for the stay at home parent who could probably use some down time and is a great way to prepare the child for kindergarten.

Also, daycares frequently teach preschool aged children the numbers, the alphabet, and other things. If you have found resistance trying to teach your child on your own you may see that he responds well and learns at daycare. This is because there are lots of other kids learning as well and fitting in is important not to mention competing!

If you send your child to daycare he will really benefit from it. Of course, sending your child to daycare for 12 hours a day five days per week can have its drawbacks. The best is sending your child to daycare for a couple hours a couple days a week. You will see lots of positive changes in your child!

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