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What Are The Alternatives to Daycare?

Many parents believe they must send their child to an in home daycare or to a daycare center. However, this is not necessarily the case. There are several alternatives to a daycare center that just might work out for you and your family. Below a couple of the options are discussed to help you get a better idea of what options might be available to you other than traditional daycare.

Care by Relatives
Many families find that childcare by relatives is a really wonderful option. You may have a grandparent, aunt, cousin, or sibling that stays home and could care for your child during the workweek. Of course, your family members schedule might only allow for care a couple of days per week or in the afternoons after school. Regardless, a family member will more than likely take good care of your child and you will trust that individual. Also, your child already knows the family member so there is really no adjustment period. Finally, you may not have to pay your relatives, especially grandparents, although you should definitely offer. In the end it is probably a safer option than daycare and certainly a more affordable one.

Some families want to know their child is being taken care of by only one person and the idea of traditional daycares is not appealing. For these families nannies or au pairs are a fabulous option. You will find this to be a significantly more expensive option, but you will have more input into your childs care and who provides that care. Some nannies are live ins while others arrive for certain periods during the day. Regardless, you can stop by any time to check in on your child, call the nanny as many times per day as you like, and change at any time.

Take Your Kid to Work
Some offices actually have daycare centers in the building. Other employees have found that their boss will allow their older children or even their infants to spend time at work occasionally. So, if you have nowhere to send your kids when they get off the bus then they might could spend the afternoon in your office doing homework or helping you make copies and running in office errands. This is not an option for all employees, but for some it is.

You will need to evaluate all of the childcare options before you make the right one for your family. You will find childcare for your children, just be persistent and focused.

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