What Advantages Will My Child Have From Being Homeschooled?

For some families, homeschooling can be a great arrangement. Often, traditional schools may not offer the types of education that a family needs. Or, it may be that the values of a particular school aren’t compatible with the values of a family. In some cases, school options may be limited by geography and by state educational policy. Because of these types of reasons, there are many advantages that a child may have from being homeschooled.

Some of the biggest advantages of homeschooling are experienced by parents. When a parent homeschools, for example, they are able to spend much more time with their child or their children than they otherwise might. Because of this extra time and attention, parents of who homeschool often have a better understanding of their children, and are able to more effectively communicate with their children even into and beyond their teenage years. This is a definite advantage of homeschooling. In addition, parents who homeschool are able to make their own family’s values an integral part of their childrens’ education. Parents of homeschoolers can feel as though they are positively contributing to their childrens’ academic, social, and emotional development, as well. Another big advantage of a child being homeschooled is that the family’s life and the family’s schedule can revolve around the family itself, rather than the demands of a school program.

There are several advantages that your child may have from being homeschooled as well. When a child is homeschooled, they don’t have to worry about falling behind or getting ahead of other children academically. They have the advantage of being able to learn at their own pace. Another advantage for the homeschooled child is that homeschooled children can be encouraged to explore areas of academic interest, in addition to the basic fundamental educational needs. Also, just as the parents of a homeschooled child benefit from better understanding and communication with the homeschooled child, so the child being homeschooled is better able to understand and communicate with their parents.

While it is not for everyone, and while there may be some disadvantages from your child being homeschooled, there are many benefits that make it worth considering for many families.

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