Ways To Find Out Your Baby’s Sex

It’s always such a treat to find out the sex of your baby. For starters, you are its parents, yet even you haven’t met him or her yet! Some parents want to know as early as possible if their child is male or female, others want the ultimate surprise of finding out after delivery. Some need to know for medical reasons, others are just curious and can’t wait a minute longer than they have to!

Ultrasound is probably the most popular way for parents to find out the gender of their baby before it’s born. An ultrasound is recommended anyway to catch any problems that might occur during pregnancy, so to go the extra mile and try to determine if the mother is carrying a boy or a girl, is sometimes irresistible. To the untrained eye, everything seems to look like a penis, though it may be a limb or even the umbilical cord. People commonly believe that it’s easier to notice if there is a boy baby in the womb. However, ultrasound technicians are trained to know what’s what, and even they can make mistakes. Many believe that the absence of a penis denotes a girl baby, but in truth, they may just have missed the all-important organ in their visual examinations of the films.

There is a visible “3-lines” sign that denotes the labia in a female fetus and this is an acceptable indication that the baby is in fact, a girl. A penis may be easy to make out if it is in an appropriate position but may sometimes be missed.

It’s usually possible to visually detect the sex of a fetus in utero by about 20 weeks and sometimes as early as 16 weeks. But because of contributing factors such as fetal position, the thickness of the abdominal wall and the amount of liquor in the uterus, it can often be impossible to determine gender until around 28 weeks. Ultrasound technicians, and indeed your Ob-gyn may not be able to give you a definite answer so you should really take their ‘suggested diagnosis’ as a possibility rather than start buying pink or blue paint for the walls of the nursery.

When gender determination is necessary because there are X-chromosome-linked disorders, it’s necessary to conduct CVS Chorionic Villus Sampling where a sample of the fluid from inside the uterus is taken and examined in the laboratory. This is an invasive and potentially dangerous procedure that can lead to miscarriage so it is only conducted for medical reasons, not so that eager parents can learn in advance, whether to name their baby Joe or Joanne.

The easiest method, by far, to find out your baby’s sex is the one tried-and-true, time-honored method that is used by the greater majority of the world’s population … you’ll find out when it pops out!

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