Using Clomid for Pregnancy

If you are trying to become pregnant, your body will need to react a certain way in order to create a fertile egg. Knowing the process of becoming pregnant, and the different bodily functions that are part of the pregnancy, will help you in determining what you need to do in order to become pregnant.

After the sperm enters a woman’s body it will starts its journey to the cervix. From here, the sperm will start traveling to the fallopian tube. When the sperm gets to the fallopian tube it will be able to fertilize the egg and you will become pregnant. Cervical mucus will be needed to transport the sperm into the cervix. While the sperm is moving through the cervical mucus, there may be disruptions that cause the sperm to be limited in how they can move into the fallopian tubes.

Role of Cervical Mucus and the Option for Clomid

With the changes in a woman’s body are also changes in the levels that are associated with cervical mucus. The alkaline levels, as well as the pH will become more or less acidic during different times of the month. This will either help or not help the sperm to move through the body. Depending on how much water is in the cervical mucus will make a difference in how easily the sperm are able to move through the woman’s body.

If a woman’s cervical mucus does not have the correct balance, then it will not only make it harder for the sperm to transport, but can also cause infertility. However, if infertility occurs women have the option of using Clomid. If a woman is not able to ovulate normally, it may be because eggs can not be released. Using Clomid will help the woman to move more water through her system and can help her to become pregnant.

Clomid is known to be a substitute that will work with estrogen. Often times, the estrogen levels are not high enough, which cause some of the infertility. By using Clomid, it will make the cycles in a woman’s body easier, and allow for the right hormones to be released at the right times. Most women who decide to use Clomid also will have an easier time of becoming pregnant, and usually do so within four to six months.

Clomid is not only used to help with ovulation that is not on a normal cycle, but also helps with luteal phase defect. This is where the hormones in a woman do not stay at the right level when she is on her cycle. There should be a period of ten to seventeen days where the sperm transportation is easier because she is in the luteal phase. If it is less than ten days, then it is known to be a defect. Clomid can help to rebalance this, as it is also a result of hormones.

If you want to become pregnant, but there is an imbalance in your hormones, using Clomid to rebalance the cycle in your body can help. This will allow the cervical mucus in your body to transport the sperms easier, allowing the eggs to become fertilized. When your body’s hormones are balanced, it will allow for an easier cycle to occur and for a pregnancy to occur.

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