Toys To That Help Develop Hand Eye Coordination In Your Baby

For your baby, every moment of the day is a time of learning. Play time is no different. There are specific types of toys that can help increase your baby’s cognitive abilities, some that help with social skills, and some that can help to develop hand-eye coordination.

Hand-eye coordination is an important tool for babies to master as early as possible. Hand-eye coordination is used for all sorts of regular human activity, from feeding ourselves to brushing our teeth to playing the piano.

At around six months of age, babies learn to reach out for objects. There are toys and methods that you can use to improve the development of hand eye coordination, even prior to this stage. Some of the toys and methods that help develop hand eye coordination, include:

– Holding a baby toy within your baby’s reach, and placing it into his hand as his hand starts to move toward it.

– Blocks are an excellent toy that you can use as early as 4 months old. Sit with your small baby and build him a stack of blocks. Allow him to knock them down when he tries to reach for them.

– Light toys that make noise and can be shaken are very useful at this stage. Place the object, such as a rattle, into your baby’s hand, and watch him as he learns that his hand movements will produce the noise.

– Hanging toys, such as those on an activity bar, can make excellent early target practice for your baby’s swatting and grabbing motions.

– Once your baby does start to reach for objects, you can place toys in front of them and encourage them to come and get it. Once they are crawling, you can expand this idea to play a game of fetch. Balls are particularly useful for this type of play.

– Later on, as your baby grows, blocks will again become an important part of hand-eye coordination. He will learn to stack them up, and then knock them down again.

– A sandbox or sand table can help your baby as he experiences the texture of the sand. A sand pail and shovel can help him learn to fill and empty objects.

– A variety of sorting toys are also available. These help baby exercise his problem-solving skills, as he tries to figure out these simple puzzles. These toys will help your little one with cognative abilities as well as hand-eye coordination.

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