toys for infants 9-12 months

By the time your infant reaches the age of 9-12 months, he is beginning to make things happen on his own. He is pushing buttons, he is pulling switches, he is grabbing objects, and he may even be crawling. Infants at this age can now interact with their toys in new and exciting ways.

At the age of 9 to 12 months, you can begin to help your infant with language development through the choice of toys that you give to her. Toys that say a word when a button is pressed, for example, are particularly useful at this stage. Your infant may be using simple words like “mom” and “dog,” and she will often say them to their toys. Some types of see-and-say books or toys may be very useful, as are books that make noises when your little one pushes on a button.

To help with your infant’s development of fine motor skills, you can begin giving your infant moveable toys. Toys that are moveable are also enjoyable, and will help continued development of your baby’s fine motor skills. Piling, filling, emptying, knocking down, and dumping are all activities she will enjoy.

Infants of the ages 9-12 months also like to mimic the things that adults or older children do. Toy shopping carts, toy phones, toy brooms or toy vacuums help your infant to role-play, and explore an entire make-believe world in which they are the adults.

Your infant may, by this time, be able to use toys that help them stand. a variety of wheeled toys with handles, often with spinning figures or the ability to make noise, will help to prepare your tyke for walking.

Toys that can be pushed along the floor are also very popular with crawling children. Larger toy cars and trucks can be used to carry blocks from one end of the living room to the other, for example.

Sand pails and shovels are also very useful at this stage. A sandbox or a sand table can provide a great deal of entertainment for your 9-12 month-old. Always keep an eye on her as she uses these, though, to make sure that she’s not eating too much of the sand.

A variety of sorting toys are also available, and are especially appropriate for this age. These help baby exercise his problem-solving skills, as he tries to figure out these simple puzzles.

As with any stage of your infant’s life, this is a good time to continue reading books to your child. She can also “read” cardboard-style books by himself sometime between the ages of 9-12 months, as well.

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