toys for Infants 0-3 Months

An infant’s day is made up of the same activities over and over and over again. He will sleep, he will eat, he will go to the bathroom. One of these activities, sleeping, makes up the bulk of the day, as your newborn infant will sleep anywhere from fourteen to twenty hours every day! Even during ages 0-3 months, there are some toys that you and your baby can enjoy together.

It is important to first think about the limitations of your 0-3 month old infant. In terms of eyesight, for example, she is limited. She sees object best that are 8 inches or less away from her face. She also has very little idea about how to respond to events around her. She will not always be able to respond when she is happy, to let you know that she enjoys a certain toy. Also, small babies can often become over-stimulated; when she is crying, she’s probably done playing for now.

One great toy for your 0-3 month old infant is a mobile. Mobiles are great toys for newborns. Some research suggests that babies who are stimulated by mobiles may have overall developmental advantages over babies who are in less stimulating environments. She may not know that it is a birdie that is spinning around, and of course she doesn’t know the words to “rock-a-bye baby,” she still may enjoy the yellow blurb up above her and the soothing sounds.

Soothing sounds are important for your infant, and at the ages of 0-3 months, musical toys are an excellent choice. Music can soothe not only the savage beast, but your little bundle of joy as well. Many parents have experienced a great deal of success at calming their fussing and crying little ones with music. An entire genre’ of music, the lullaby, is based on this principle.

A variety of other simple toys may be enjoyable for your 0-3 month old infant. This might include toys that squeak or make another noise. Toys that are only black and white are also fascinating to newborns, as are toys that use bright reds and yellows.

You can also read soft baby books to your infant at this stage. It is never too early to begin reading to your little one. Soft books can also establish good family reading habits.

An unbreakable mirror can be a fascinating toy for your newborn. Although at the age of 0 to 3 months he doesn’t know that it is himself he’s looking at, he will be fascinated with his own reflection. He may even begin to smile at himself in the mirror.

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