Tips For Getting Child Custody

Getting custody of a child can be a difficult process. Depending on your location, as well as your personal situation, you may have an uphill battle ahead of you. For example, many judges still believe that a child should be with his or her mother, even though there may even be guidelines in your state that indicate that it is preferable for parents to both have custody of a child. There may be things that your ex-spouse knows about you, such as mistakes that you may have made in the past, that you can be certain will be used against you during the process of trying to get child custody. Fortunately, there are some tips that you can follow to increase your changes of getting child custody.

The most important tip for getting child custody is to hire an attorney who is competent. You need to have an attorney that is trained in child custody law. beyond this, you want to find an attorney who has real-life experience arguing child custody cases, and who has a good feel for the lay of the land, at least in terms of child custody cases in your area. Having a reliable and competent attorney is probably one of the biggest factors in whether or not you will have any chance of getting child custody.

It is likely that your ex-spouse will also be hiring a competent attorney, however, so there are other tips that you should follow for getting child custody. You need to be able to make a case, for example, that the home that you can provide for your child or your children will be a better home than the one that your ex-spouse could provide. This means that factors ranging from your income level to the number of bedrooms in your home will very likely be factors in the whole process. Focus on your strengths in this regard. Make sure that your attorney is aware of your weaknesses, however, as you can be pretty certain that your ex-spouse’s attorney will be aware of them. You will also want to discuss your ex-spouse’s strengths with your attorney, so that your attorney can build a case that minimizes those in the eyes of the court.

Ultimately, the decision about child custody is up to the court. However, by following some of these tips, you may be able to increase the likelihood that you can convince the court to grant you child custody.

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