Throwing a Welcome Party For Adopted Child

In the same way that a new baby is welcomed into the world with a baby shower, there is no reason at all that an adopted child should not be welcomed into her adopted family by throwing a welcoming party! A welcoming party for an adopted child is a wonderful and exciting way to celebrate the event of adding an important member to the family.

By throwing a welcome party for an adopted child, you are telling the child that he is significant. His presence in your home is something that you are happy about! He is a blessing that you have waited a long time for. Not only that, but your friends and family believe that he is an important part of their lives now, as well. A welcome party for an adopted child is a great way to emphasize his inclusion in your family. Still, you will probably want to hold off on the welcome part for a week or two at least, while the adopted child gets to know your family better.

A traditional baby shower usually has a baby-centered theme. If your adopted child is older, the welcome party that you throw for her will obviously be different. If she is three years old and loves Cookie Monster, for example, you might throw a Cookie Monster-themed welcome party. If you have adopted your child from overseas, you might want to try to incorporate some of your adopted child’s traditions or foods into the welcome party. For example, you might serve popular Chinese dishes if your adopted child is Chinese.

Throwing a welcome party for an adopted child will also have different sorts of activities and gifts than a baby shower would have. Gifts might be more age-appropriate, for example. Instead of a baby carrier, you might buy the adopting family a toddler booster seat. Instead of rattles, you might buy some building blocks or other age-appropriate toys that the child would like to play with.

Finally, throwing a welcome party for an adopted child can also include other children. While it is rare for children to attend a baby shower, there aren’t many reasons why children couldn’t come to meet the adopted child.

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