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The Reasons Why You Should Take Folic Acid Prior to Conception and During Pregnancy

Your health is very important if you are considering having a baby and one of the most important things you should do is take folic acid prior to conception and during your pregnancy. This will ensure that your baby has all the B vitamin of folic acid needed to develop its brain and spinal cord. There are many reasons why folic acid plays an important role in conception and pregnancy that you are certain to find interesting.

Many birth defects can be prevented by taking proper vitamins during pregnancy and eating well. As a result taking a folic acid supplement on a daily basis is the least you can do to reduce your baby’s risk of having a birth defect. The more vitamins and nutrients you eat or take via a vitamin on a daily basis will give your baby a bigger chance of being healthy and developing properly.

Reduced Percentage of Neural Tube Defects
The most important reason to take folic acid during conception and pregnancy is to reduce the chance of your baby having a neural tube defect. The neural tube develops during the first months of pregnancy and having enough folic acid is essential to proper development. As a result it is very important to take the folic acid during conception and right on through the pregnancy to ensure your body always has enough folic acid for your baby’s neural tube development.

Generally neural tube defects occur about 25 days after conception, sometimes a few days later or sooner, but almost always before a woman realizes she is pregnant. Because of this it is so important that women begin taking folic acid supplements before they begin trying to conceive. This ensures the woman has enough folic acid for her baby’s neural tube development regardless if she knows she is pregnant or not.

Also, pregnant women need more folic acid because they are supporting an extra life even after the neural tube is developed. In addition, breastfeeding moms also need extra folic acid so finding a good folic acid supplement and implementing it into your lifestyle is essential if you want to conceive, during your pregnancy, as well as when you are breastfeeding.

Where to Get Folic Acid
Many women do not get enough folic acid in their diet and as a result need to take a folic acid supplement of at least 400 mcg each and every day prior to conception and during their pregnancy, especially the first trimester. You can find folic acid in a lot of foods as well like legumes, grains, green vegetables like broccoli or spinach, and even in liver. But, most women do not eat enough of these types of foods on a daily basis to get enough folic acid. So, supplementing with a vitamin really is the best idea to ensure your health as well as the health and proper development of the baby.

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