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The Pros & Cons Of Homeschooling

Homeschooling can be a very advantageous situation for some families. Having a flexible schedule combined with the one-on-one attention and instruction can create an effective learning environment for many students. Of course, along with the pros, there are some cons to homeschooling.

Among the pros of homeschooling, there are several advantages that occur for parents. Parents who homeschool, for example, are able to spend all day with their child or children. Because of this, parents of who homeschool often have a better understanding of their children, even into and beyond their teenage years. This is a definite pro of homeschooling. In addition, parents are able to make their own family values central to their childrens’ education. They can contribute positively to their childrens’ academic, social, and emotional development, as well. Another big pro of homeschooling is that the family’s life can revolve around the family itself, rather than the demands of a school program.

There are several pros of homeschooling in terms of the children, as well. When a child is homeschooled, they don’t have to worry about being paced with other children; they can work ahead or behind if they need to. Another pro is that homeschooled children can be encouraged to explore areas of academic interest, in addition to the basic fundamental educational needs. Also a pro of homeschooling is the fact that the homeschooled child can promote good communication skills with parents.

Ironically, the pro of being able to spend all day with the child or children can also be one of the cons of homeschooling. Many times, if they don’t plan correctly, parents will wind up spending all day every day with their children, with little outside social interaction with other adults. Another con of homeschooling can be the difficulty that people outside of the family may have understanding why you are homeschooling. It may often cost more to homeschool, as well. Another con is that, at least initially, parents may have some difficulty feeling comfortable in their role as a teacher.

Ultimately, the decision to homeschool is one that an individual family must make by weighing out the pros & cons of homeschooling. While it is not for everyone, many families may benefit from homeschooling.

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