The Differences Between a Basal Thermometer and a Regular Thermometer

If you are interested in getting pregnant and wish to make conception as likely as possible, you can look into monitoring your basal body temperature to determine when you are ovulating. Ovulation can be detected by using a basal thermometer and many individuals question whether there is any difference between a basal thermometer and a regular thermometer. The answer to this is a resounding yes.

How the Basal Thermometer and Regular Thermometer Differ

There is a distinct difference between the basal thermometer and the regular thermometer. The basal thermometer measures basal body temperature by 10th’s of a degree whereas the regular thermometer measures your temperature by whole degrees only. It is important to note however that a digital thermometer will work for individuals desiring to measure their basal body temperature. The reason why you should use a basal thermometer to measure ovulation is that it is more exact and narrows down the temperature to a more precise number than a regular thermometer.

How to Use the Basal Thermometer

Now that you have an idea as to the difference between a basal thermometer and regular fever thermometer, you may be wondering the role which the basal thermometer plays in measuring ovulation to make conception more likely. The way in which the basal temperature measurements work is quite easy. If you are looking to conceive in accordance with proper basal body temperature readings, you will need to use a basal thermometer to take your temperature first thing in the morning prior to the start of any activity. This part is extremely important so that you will have an accurate basal temperature reading.

The temperature readings will continue each morning and you should record the exact temperature in a log book. The purpose is to know when one is pre-ovulation and post-ovulation. Those individuals who have a basal body temperature below 97.4 degrees are usually pre-ovulation and those with a basal body temperature of 97.7 degrees or above are post-ovulation. When trying to get pregnant you want to have sexual intercourse at the right time and using the basal body temperature will aid in doing so. It is best to consult with your medical health professional or books regarding the subject in order to learn more about basal thermometer use and promoting conception.


The basal body temperature method is a wonderful way to aid in conception. Just remember to use a basal thermometer when doing so as opposed to a regular fever thermometer as the two are quite different with regard to the results which are displayed. Using the basal thermometer will let you know when you should engage in sexual intercourse in order to promote the most favorable results with regard to conceiving a child.

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