The Accuracy of FSH Testing

When you think about the accuracy of FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) testing, you are really talking about two separate questions. First, there is the question of the accuracy of FSH testing using over-the-counter FSH testing kits. The second question relates to the accuracy of FSH testing in regard to determining whether or not you will have problems trying to conceive.

First, FSH testing using home FSH testing kits can be very accurate. If the test is done on day 3 of your cycle (which is the third day of menstrual bleeding), and the results are read in the specified time frame, FSH testing can be as much as 96% accurate at telling you whether or not you have elevated levels of FSH. In this regard, the accuracy of FSH testing tends to be very high. Having said that, there are indeed some things that can drastically affect the accuracy off FSH testing. One of the potential things that can affect the accuracy of FSH testing is the fact that levels of FSH can vary throughout the day. Another thing that can affect the accuracy of FSH testing is that, if there is a tumor in the hypothalamus, FSH testing may show low levels of FSH. In addition, being pregnant or menopausal will cause FSH testing to be inaccurate altogether. Using oral contraceptives can affect the accuracy of FSH testing, as well. Even something as simple as breastfeeding can affect the accuracy of your FSH testing.

The second issue in terms of the accuracy of FSH testing is, for the most part, cut and dried. Research suggests that as many as 99% of women who show elevated levels during FSH testing will be unable to conceive without some sort of infertility treatment. In addition, infertility treatment for women with high FSH levels tends to be very aggressive, and can most often involve the use of donor eggs. This is because the woman with high FSH levels, very likely, has very few eggs on reserve that can be fertilized.

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