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Teaching Hygiene When Potty-Training

Potty training all by itself is a pretty big job yet many parents realize that hygiene must be taught simultaneously with potty training. This just adds more to the list of things to learn for your toddler and can make the process seem a little more difficult. However, teaching hygiene when potty training is really not so difficult. In fact, the following tips may make it even easier for you to teach potty training and hygiene at the same time.

Create Steps for Your Child
If you teach your child all of the steps to potty training you may expect him to remember them all right away. However, this is not always the case and you may find yourself constantly reminding your child of what he should be doing. This is not empowering for your child who wants to feel in charge of the potty training and like he is a big boy. So, the best way to ensure your child is learning how to wipe and wash hands is to create a poster with all the steps. Using pictures for the steps will help your child visualize what comes first, second, third, and so forth and so on.

You may think this sounds funny, but you are teaching your child a new skill and it takes time to learn. Also, this skill has several parts and they are hard to remember. Proper wiping and hand washing can easily be forgotten when the child is excited about going potty and receiving an award for his efforts. You will want to hang the potty training poster in the bathroom in direct eyesight of your childs potty. This might not go with the dcor, but it is worthwhile if it helps your child learn the steps properly.

Be a Good Example
While your child is learning to potty train it is very possible that he/she will be interested in watching you go to the potty as well. Dont be ashamed of the process because you dont want to make your child have a complex. Instead, let him watch and always be sure to wipe and wash your hands after flushing the toilet. If you set the example your child will more than likely follow it. A hand washing song might work too if this part is easily forgotten.

Offer Gentle Reminders

You will more than likely need to offer gentle reminders to your child regarding wiping, flushing the potty, and washing his hands. This is just like any other new skill your child learns so think of it that way. You might also like to say that after your child has flushed the toilet and washed his hands that he may pick out a prize. This little motivation can go a long way and really help your toddler get the hang of hygiene and potty training at the same time.

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