Take Advantage of Healthy Living Benefits Through Your Insurance

As healthcare costs are skyrocketing, many insurance programs have found themselves in a difficult position. How to keep costs low but still provide quality care to its subscribers? The answer may lie in education and awareness of healthy living. Many insurance programs are implementing programs that aim to prevent healthcare problems before they begin. Some are even offering financial incentives for getting, or staying, healthy.

Everyone can benefit from learning about a healthy lifestyle, and your family is no exception. They may be healthy now, but how can you ensure the same thing can be said next year? In two years? In ten years? Get out the health insurance brochures and information that was given to you when you first started your job, and read through the material to find out what programs are incentives your family may qualify for. If necessary, call an insurance agent and ask for more information about health living programs. You’re paying for this insurance, so it only makes sense to take advantage of all the program has to offer.

What many insurance companies are saying is that it is not enough to simply wish for a healthier lifestyle- you must live one, and have the results to prove it. Some insurance companies are implementing programs that monitor the progress of its subscribers’ healthy lifestyles through regular blood tests and health evaluations. Your family may be eligible for financial credits towards their premiums by meeting target goals for blood pressure, cholesterol and weight- and not smoking.

One way that insurance companies are promoting a healthy lifestyle is by offering lower premiums for subscribers that join wellness programs or start treatment for quitting smoking. Other companies are increasing premiums for subscribers that are overweight smokers with high cholesterol and blood pressure, while offering lower premiums for those that are healthy.

Some insurance companies even offer personalized health management programs for its subscribers that suffer from chronic diseases or those that are pregnant. The program may even assign you a personal coach who will work with your team of doctors to help monitor your symptoms. Participants will have access to telephone support and education/resources about their condition. The goal of the program is to keep subscribers as healthy as possible, which will save both the subscriber and the insurance company money in the long run. In addition, participants will enjoy better health and well-being, as well as fewer absences from work or school.

It’s important that your children learn to take responsibility for their own health, and it’s never too early to begin this lesson. Remember that many children model their behavior after their parents, and take these lessons and values into their adult life. You should be a healthy model for your kids- and that includes knowing how to get the most out of your health insurance.

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