Stay at Home Parents-Tips for Saving Money

When a family has a stay at home parent that is excellent for the growth and development of their children. What it’s not great for is the family’s bottom line! Many times the family finds they are struggling financially to make ends meet. Usually, that is because the family continues to live life as they did when they still had two incomes rather than adjusting to living life on one. It takes time, but it is completely possible. The family just needs to learn how to save money. The following tips are a few easy to implement ideas that can result in big savings each month and are relatively painless to incorporate into daily life.

Cook Dinner

Cooking dinner at home can save an awful lot of money each week. For example, an average meal for 4 can easily be cooked for under $15 and there will most likely be leftovers for the next day. Eating out will easily run a family of 4 $25, if not more, and there are no leftovers. If you do this 5 nights a week then you will be spending close to $75 more per week (including the difference in dinner price and lunch) than you would if you cooked dinner. Add that up and at $300 per month in savings you practically have saved your car payment! As you can see, cooking dinner is actually affordable and makes sense economically speaking. Of course, you should stay away from expensive ingredients and try and base the ingredients you do buy on a couple recipes so that you have enough to cook another meal.

Use Coupons

Another way to save money is to use coupons. It may seem surprising but there are coupons for everything you might imagine. This includes for food, clothing, and more. Search out coupons to use on the things you need so that you can buy what you want all the while saving money. It takes time, but it can easily become part of your day when the kids take a nap or while you are watching television.

Kids Eat Free

Another idea is to only eat a restaurants where kids eat free. There are actually quite a few of these restaurants about and if you only at these types of restaurants you will save a lot of money, especially if you have multiple children! Just check around your city to see what restaurants offer this deal so you can take advantage of it and save!

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