Sibling Rivalry In Toddlers

Sibling rivalry in toddlers can be especially difficult for parents to deal with. The fact of the matter is that toddlers are much more difficult to reason with than older children. In addition, it can be more difficult to understand exactly what it is that is causing sibling rivalry in toddlers. Still, there are some things that you can do to help address sibling rivalry in your toddlers.

First, you need to watch out for aggressive behavior. When toddlers experience sibling rivalry, or any other sort of frustrating situation for that matter, they will often act out. Make sure that you intervene when your toddlers begin to act in an aggressive manner.

Next, you will want to encourage cooperation among toddlers who are experiencing sibling rivalry. Find ways for them to work together. Help them to share a common goal, such as cleaning their rooms in order to earn a trip to the park. At the same time that you are encouraging cooperation, you can encourage friendly competition while discouraging negative competition. Emphasize each child’s strengths, and find ways for them to compete in healthy ways. For example, you might have them see who can come up with the most compliments for the other. Try to avoid situations where there is a competition for your attention, your time, or your affection, however. Making sure that each child receives enough individualized attention will go a long way in helping to reduce sibling rivalry in your toddlers.

Ultimately, it is up to you to help your toddlers who are experiencing sibling rivalry to help them work things out. In some instances, sibling rivalry may work itself out, but in other case you will need to help teach them to resolve their conflicts. Help them to learn how to talk about their feelings, and to listen to their sibling as well. Help them to use words instead of acting out physically. When you cant get them to back off from one another, separate them physically by asking them to play by themselves for a while.

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