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Should My Discipline Actions Be Changed When In Public?

Many parents have their own form of disciplining their children and have no problem doing so at home, in the car, or in any other private area. But, when in public many parents find that they simply cant discipline their children comfortably. There are many reasons why parents dont like disciping in public. These include embarrassment and worrying what others will think about their discipline methods.

The first reason is just silly. Everyone knows kdis misbehave and it is the parents responsibility to discipline them. However, if the parenets are too embarrassed to discipline their children in public then the kids will quickly learn what they can get away with, especially in pubic. Because of this it is important to always discipline your kids when they misbehave. This means that if they misbehave at home or in public they know they will be punished. Most kids will tend to behave more in public when they know their parents are going to discipline them if they misbehave because it is embarrassing for kids to be disciplined in public. So, despite it being embarrassing to you as a parent you need to discipline your children. It is relly important and should be implemented no matter where you are.

The other issue is that some parents worry what others will think of their discipline methods. If you discipline your child in an acceptable manner then very few people will think negatively of you when you disciplikne your children in public. Of course, if you discipline your child in an unacceptable way in public then you will probably hear a lot of comments. The most imporntat thing here is that you always discipline your children in an appropriate manner. As long as you do that then you should have no worries about what others think or even care for that matter.

In general, your method of disciplining your child should be the same whether you are in public or at home. It is important for kids to know what to expect no matter where they are and if they see you have a weakness for public discipline then your kdis will take advantage of you. So, be storng and always discipline your children when they need it no matter where you are.

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