Sexual Position Changes During Each Trimester

The changes that take place to a woman’s body during pregnancy can greatly affect her lifestyle. From having to go to the bathroom constantly to re-adjusting seatbelt straps, no area of life goes unchanged. This is true in the area of sex, as well. During each trimester of pregnancy, the body’s changes can make sex somewhat painful or complicated. During each trimester, there are sexual positions that you can use to minimize these difficulties.

During the first trimester, you may find that the missionary position is still comfortable. However, toward the end of the first trimester, the weight of the man’s body pushing on your abdomen can cause severe discomfort even in early pregnancy, and especially during later pregnancy when your abdomen has expanded. One variety of the missionary position, sometimes called Missionary on the Edge, will often work up until the beginning of the fifth month of pregnancy. For this position, you lay on your back at the foot of the bed with your knees bent. You should perch your feet at the edge of the mattress. The man then either stands or he kneels in front of you and enters from there.

Another possible position for the first trimester is the “T-square.” In this position, you lay flat on your back, and the man lies perpendicular to her making the shape of a T-square.

During the second trimester, you should minimize the amount of time that you spend lying on your back. During this time, you might choose to use the Woman on top position. Sometimes known as the Cowgirl, this position takes all of the pressure off of your abdomen, and also allows you to control the speed and the depth of thrusting. The second trimester is also a good time for a sitting position. Here a man will sit on a chair or the edge of the bed. You then straddle the man, either facing him or facing away from him.

The last trimester of pregnancy is the time when, obviously, your belly will be the biggest. It is also a time when deep penetration may be uncomfortable. During the third trimester, you might use the rear entry position or spooning.

The rear entry position or “doggy style” position, involves the woman being down on all fours. The man enters from behind, standing or kneeling behind the woman. The woman can use pillows to support her stomach and chest, especially during later pregnancy. A variation of this position, the “leap frog,” has the woman resting her arms and her head on the mattress.

Often, during the last portion of pregnancy, spooning is a favored position. Both man and woman lie on their sides, with the man in the back, facing the woman’s back. This position keeps the weight off of the abdomen, and keeps penetration shallow.

Pregnancy sex can be extremely enjoyable for both you and your partner. By making sexual position changes during each trimester, you can reduce some of the discomfort and difficulties associated with having sex during pregnancy.

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