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Same Sex Families Adopting

The practice of same-Sex families adopting is a controversial issue. In addition, it is becoming more and more common for countries and states to legislate the specific practices that adoption agencies are allowed to follow, in terms of same-sex families adopting.

There are a couple of issues that make same-sex families adopting a controversial issue. On the one hand, same-sex couples argue that they should have the “right” to adopt, just like a heterosexual couple. They also argue that a two-parent household is better able to provide for a child, and that a same-sex family is as good as, or better than, a single person adopting.

On the other side of things, those that don’t support same-sex families adopting argue that children raised in same-sex families will be maladjusted. They argue that the children may be more prone to gender confusion, to a biased sexual orientation, or any number of psychological or social problems. They may argue that same-sex families are immoral or even unnatural, and may object to same-sex families on religious or ethical grounds.

Some countries allow same-sex families to adopt. These include Belgium, Spain, England, Sweden, and several others. In the United States, a person who is homosexual may adopt just as a heterosexual person may adopt. However, this is where the legal issue, in the United States, becomes tricky. Generally speaking, it is not possible for two people who are not married to both adopt a child. Because same-sex marriage is generally not legal, this means that only one of the couple in the same sex family could adopt. This generally will apply to heterosexual couples that are not married, as well. Still, there are some states that have explicitly passed laws allowing same-sex families to adopt. Other states have had legal court challenges that have suggested that same-sex families can adopt, as well.

Finally, in terms of international adoptions, each foreign country from which a person might adopt will have its own policy as far as whether or not same sex families can adopt a child from their country.

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