Safety / Contraindications of Adipex in the First Trimester

When a woman is pregnant, she needs to be aware that anything that she puts in her body may indeed have the potential to affect not only her, but her baby as well. Knowing the safey or the contraindications of medications, such as Adipex, during the first trimester of pregnancy is an important part of trying to insure that the pregnancy will continue in a healthy and a safe way.

Adipex is a medication that is prescribed for use for just a few weeks. Adipex is an appetite suppressant. Generally speaking, Adipex is thought to lose its effectiveness after just a few weeks, and is often discontinuted after that. The safety of Adipex in the first trimester, or in any part of pregnancy, has not been truly shown. Adipex is, therefore, often contraindicated for pregnancy. Adipex falls into category C, which indicates that animal studies have shown that there may be negative effects on the fetus, but there are not adequate studies in human beings to know if the same is true for them or not.

Adipex is questionable in terms of safety in the first trimester for other reasons. During pregnancy, a woman should not be losing weight. In fact, even a woman that is overweight before she becomes pregnant should expect to gain somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 to 25 pound over the course of her entire pregnancy. As such, an appetite suppressant would contradict the possibility of this important weight gain. If the appetite is suppressed by Adipex during the first trimester of pregnancy, there is the possibility that the woman would not take in enough of the necessary nutrients that both she and her baby need to continue the pregnancy in a healthy way.

If you have been prescribed Adipex, are taking Adipex, and have discovered that you have become pregnant, you should contact your health care provider immediately. If you have questions about the safey or contraindications of Adipex in the first trimester, she may also be able to provide you with more information.

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