Reasons for Morning Sickness Besides Pregnancy

Feeling nauseous in the morning is a condition that is most often associated with pregnancy.  However, the fact of the matter is that not all morning nausea is caused by pregnancy.  In addition, not all nausea caused by pregnancy occurs in the morning.  Nausea caused by pregnancy can occur at any time of the day.  In fact, many pregnant women don’t feel nauseous in the morning at all, but later in the day.

The most common reasons for nausea, other than pregnancy, are dietary.  Eating foods that are high in fat will cause nausea.  Eating too fast will cause nausea, as well.  Eating too much will do the same.  A high level of caffeine or alcohol use can also cause nausea.  It could even be as simple as dehydration if you are not getting enough water during the previous day.  It is possible that, if you suffer often with an upset stomach, that you may need to consider dietary changes that will help to avoid these specific causes.

For those with chronic morning nausea, however, the underlying reasons are not always simple.  Things are not always as easy as avoiding high-fat foods or cutting back on caffeine.  It may be that you have any number of other health problems that are causing your nausea.  You could have gastritis, a condition where the lining of your stomach is inflamed.  It could be pancreatitis, where your pancreas is inflamed.  It could be an inflamed gallbladder, known as cholecycstitis.  You could have peptic ulcers.  You could even have cardia ischemia, in which you aren’t getting enough flow of blood or oxygen to your heart.

Having morning nausea regularly can be a sign of a significant problem.  If you suffer from an upset stomach every morning and have not had any success modifying your intake of water, you should probably speak with your health care provider.  She will be able to help correctly diagnose the reasons for your nausea, determine the underlying causes of your chronic upset stomach and help develop a treatment plan that could include a modified lifestyle, medications, and/or surgical options that can help to address the issue.

  • Jenna


  • Jerry

    The first half of this article is retarded. Those aren’t symptoms of morning sickness, those are just reasons why you get sick. When you throw up in the morning from drinking too much alcohol, that’s not morning sickness, that’s just being sick in the morning.

  • cass

    Sick in the morning…meaning “morning sickness”

  • Boo bear

    I get what Jerry is saying, though. I’ve had minor to moderate morning nausea for probably the past 10 years. I have “severe” nausea when I drink too much or am ill or eat something horrible for me. That is not the same thing as *seemingly* unwarranted nausea every single morning. I’ve changed my diet, drank more water, etc…so I think it’s time for a doc visit!

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