Probiotics And Skin Problems

Probiotics are known to help the body in many ways. Actually live bacteria, probiotics are not the types of bacteria that cause illnesses and infections. Instead, probiotic bacteria are the sorts of bacteria that naturally inhabit a person’s digestive system. These bacteria serve a number of important functions, and can have many different benefits. Probiotics have been successfully used to help babies with colic. They have been used to combat diarrhea, especially when that diarrhea is a result of taking an antibiotic. There are even probiotics that have proven useful for addressing certain skin problems, from eczema to acne.

To understand how probiotics and skin problems are related, it is important to understand what exactly probiotics do. As a part of the environment of the digestive tract, these bacteria help with the digestion of food, the absorption of minerals and other nutrients, and the function of the digestive and immune systems. In addition, probiotics create a barrier against a variety of different types of harmful substances, inducing bad bacteria, pollutants, free radicals, and allergens.

It is perhaps the barrier against allergens that gives probiotics its power with skin problems. Whether or not we realize it, eczema, especially in infants, is often the result of a food allergy. Probiotics like L. reuteri Protectis can help protect the body against these allergies. The effectiveness of probiotics with skin problems like eczema is almost undeniable. In clinical studies, infants who were given probiotics would typically not see any eczema until after the age of four years old, while infants who were given a placebo tended to develop eczema by the age of two years old. In the same way, some probiotics can also help with acne.

The relationship between probiotics and skin problems is still being researched. Probiotics show great promise in this regard. In addition, because probiotics are the natural bacteria that are normally found in the digestive system, using probiotics is not like using medications, or even other types of nutritional supplements in terms of side effects and in terms of risks.

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