Potty Training Regression After New Sibling Arrives

You may have planned your spacing of children so that before you had the second you would have a fully potty trained toddler. Few parents enjoy having two children in diapers at once, so many try and space their kids so that the first is potty trained. Unfortunately, this does backfire in some cases with potty training regression once the new sibling arrives. This is stressful to parents who thought their child was potty trained only to be surprised with accidents during the day and night.

So, what exactly causes potty training regression after a new sibling arrives? The answer is stress. Your child may be emotionally affected by this new arrival and perhaps does not want to share her parents with this intruder. The result is often a regression in potty training in order to gain the parents full attention once again. This is all psychological and children dont usually plan how to cause more problems for their parents after a new arrival although it may feel this way. If your child has potty training regression after a new baby arrives then you need to address this situation right away.

Talk to your toddler and explain how much you love her/him and that the new baby is just a new addition and not taking her/his place. Give your toddler lots of extra attention and try to keep her/his routine as it was before. Of course with a new baby in the house it is difficult to do even the basic things like the laundry, but if you are going to have priorities make them your toddler and your new baby. Dont worry if the house is a wreck or you are eating takeout a week straight. Providing plenty of attention to both children is important and may be just what your toddler needs to overcome the potty training regression.

However, once you talk to your toddler and assure her how much you love her then you should see if the potty training gets back on track or not. If so, then just continue offering love and support to your toddler during this time of transition. If not, then consider talking to your pediatrician. Sometimes your pediatrician can address a situation from a standpoint you had not considered.

Remember to be patient with your toddler after you bring a new baby home. Also, consider having several discussions before the baby is born so that your child is aware that a new baby will be coming to live with you. Tell your toddler that you are excited about the new baby, that it will be a new little brother or sister, and how your toddler will be a big girl or boy and help you with the baby. Explain how much you need his/her help and how much you love your child. Also discuss that while things may change you still have plenty of time and love to share. This might circumvent a regression of potty training.

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