PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) And Skin Conditions

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, also known as PCOS, can be an extremely frustrating condition. The symptoms of PCOS tend to develop gradually over time, and can include things like infertility, weight gain in the upper body, vaginal bleeding, and irregular menstruation. One of the most frustrating parts of PCOS can be the skin conditions that it causes.

There is an important link between PCOS and a variety of hormonal changes. These can include:

– Androgens. Androgens are hormones that can cause a variety of problems, such as hair appearing in odd places and acne, and it can also interfere with the process of ovulation.

– Ovarian hormones. The hormones that trigger ovulation are an important part of a woman’s cycle. If these hormones are not at the correct levels, the ovaries will not relapse an egg each month and ovulation will not occur.

– Insulin and blood sugar. Roughly 50% of the women who suffer from PCOS will have difficulty with the way that there body uses insulin. This is known as insulin resistance. Insulin resistance causes their blood sugar levels to grow to dangerous levels. IN some instances, this can even lead to diabetes.

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In addition, for the woman with PCOS who experiences acne, there are some steps that she can take to reduce the severity of acne outbreaks. These can include:

– avoid using medications that cause acne

– avoid being exposed to grease and oil

– use hypoallergenic cosmetics

– clean the skin frequently to keep off excess oils

– wash clothes, sheets, and pillowcases in fragrance- and color-free detergent

– Get enough exposure to the sun

– Eat a diet that is balanced, avoiding foods that contain fatty acids.

  • Ashley

    My face just started burning today and it feels like windburn but I have not been outside, not been wearing any makeup, or change of diet. It came on all of a sudden and it burns and itches like its dry but it feels oily. We are trying to conceive and no period and over the tww. So not sure if its hormones or what. Is this normal with pcos. My breast, legs, and stomach itch during the night also but not burning like my face. Just want to know if I should see a doctor but not wanting to spend money on an appointment if they just do the same old test.

  • Have you started taking an new PCOS medication? Sometime Metformin can cause that burning sensation.

  • Ashley

    No I have not. I had been off it for a couple months to try natural way, but going back on it today. I am just unsure of why its feeling that way.

  • Have you changed any soap , shampoo or laundry detergent? If not, maybe a call to your dr’s office to see if you can get a nurse to talk to you for a minute to find out if itchy skin is a symptom of PCOS. Based on what I am seeing online, it may be.

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