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ow Can We Establish Good Social Development In Our Toddler?

Social development is one of the most important parts of a toddler’s life. As a parent, helping to establish good social development in your toddler is one of your primary duties. Many of the social skills that people posses as adults are developed while they are still in the toddler stage.

Good social development is characterized by the ability of your toddler to be able to get along with other people, including other toddlers, to make friends, and to do their part working as a team. These social skills rely on a variety of factors. One of the most important factors that contributes to good social development in your toddler is self-confidence. By praising your child when he does well, and by firmly but lovingly establishing and following through on discipline, your child will grow up believing in himself. The more confident your toddler is, the better his social development will be.

Another important aspect of establishing good social development in your toddler is the area of language. Because language is the basic building block of human communication, being able to know what words to use and to express their feelings in words (instead of expressing their feelings physically) will help your toddler with social development. In addition to knowing how to use language, your toddler needs to know when to use language. Helping a toddler practice saying “please” and “thank you” will go a long way in establishing good social development.

By treating your toddler with respect, your toddler is more likely to treat others with respect. Your toddler will also watch the way that you interact with others. If you have good social skills, your toddler will mimic them. If you, for example, say “give me the salt,” your toddler is more likely to imitate your demanding methods, where as if you say “will you please pass the salt,” he is more likely to be courteous.

Toddlers are not perfect. They tend to forget the lessons of one day before the sun rises the next. However, by consistently working at establishing good social development in your toddler, he will eventually remember the skills you are trying to teach him.

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