Our Child Is Too Advanced For Kindergarten – What Can We Do?

Many parents believe their child is too advanced for kindergarten simply because their child can read and write. However, this is not necessarily the case. In order to determine if your child is too advanced for kindergarten you will need to assess his motor skills, socialization skills, and even his IQ. Many smart children who start kindergarten with the skills they will learn in that grade actually do very well. Pushing your five your old to the next level just because you think he already knows what he will be taught in kindergarten is not necessarily the best idea.

The reason why is that there are many disadvantages to being placed a grade above where your child fits age wise. First of all, all of his friends will be older than him and will date, drive, and have other privileges before him. Besides this, your child might not be as emotionally advanced as these children or have the same level of motor skills. Your child may indeed be able to read, write, and perform math problems at the same level of first graders. But, can he also cut, draw, kick a ball, and sit still most of the day with writing activities like other first graders? You may not have considered these elements. And, they are just as important as knowing how to read or write.

Kindergarten is a wonderful grade because it teaches all of the basics, helps kids learn to socialize and make new friends, and enforces manners, good behavior, and fine motor skills development. Even if your child is ahead of his peers academic wise he will enjoy kindergarten and his self esteem will probably increase significantly if he already knows how to do most of the work. His teacher can give him some advanced work to do if he finishes early and is disruptive, but many times kids dont get bored when the work is not that challenging. They are just happy to do the work they already know how to do and feel proud of themselves for being smart.

Too often parents want to push their children to excel and by allowing them to skip a grade they may be doing more harm than good. Even if your child is too advanced for kindergarten work consider enrolling him and see how it goes. You might be surprised at the things he learns that he didnt already know not to mention his new friends. If you are really sure your child is way above kindergarten level you may want to find a more difficult school for him to attend that focuses on gifted children or you could consider home schooling. It is really up to you, just make sure you look at the whole picture and not just a part of it. Its your childs future and his happiness as well.

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