Negative Effects Of Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry effects a family in many different ways. When sibling rivalry gets out of hand, the effects can be disastrous. Because of the serious problems that sibling rivalry can cause, it is important that parents learn what causes sibling rivalry, how to keep sibling rivalry to a minimum, and how to combat the negative effects of sibling rivalry.

One of the possible negative effects of sibling rivalry is a household that, overall, has a much higher level of tension than others. If children are constantly bickering with their siblings, the parents are bound to feel the stress. Arguments and fights among two siblings will greatly effect any other siblings as well, even if they are not directly involved in the sibling rivalry.

Sibling rivalry can also negatively effect a marriage. Siblings may often bring their parents into a dispute, and find that one parent is siding with one child, while the other parent is siding with the other child. By communicating with your spouse and making sure that you present a unified position, you can reduce some of the negative effects of sibling rivalry on your marriage.

Sibling rivalry can also effect the way that a child sees himself or herself. In many cases, sibling rivalry is caused by jealousy. One child may believe that another child receives more time, attention, and even love than they do. This jealousy, which gives rise to sibling rivalry, can also cause the child to feel less valuable or less loved than their sibling. By making sure that all of your children are loved, that all of their needs are met, and that each of them gets some special individualized time and attention, you can avoid some of these negative effects of sibling rivalry.

Obviously, there can be more severe negative effects of sibling rivalry. Siblings might become violent, causing injury to themselves or to others. Siblings might cause other sorts of severe problems. When this happens, or if you think it is about to happen, you might consider family counseling. By working with a family therapist or counselor, you may be able to reduce the negative effects of sibling rivalry, as well as reduce the overall incidence of sibling rivalry and its severity.

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