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Nausea And Vomiting Returning During The Second Trimester

Most women get through the first trimester and find their morning sickness clears up al on its own. However, there are other women who cant seem to get away from it no matter what they do. For these women maybe one of the following tips will help.

Tip #1 No Fatty Foods
Fatty foods seem to increase the nausea associated with morning sickness. So the best advice for women with morning sickness up into the second trimester is to avoid eating fatty foods altogether. This is healthy and will help you nausea.

Tip #2 Many Small Meals
As long as you have something on your stomach you will more than likely feel ok. So, eat a small meal or snack every couple of hours instead of waiting until you are completely hungry and then overeating. This will help reduce your symptoms.

Tip #3 Ginger Ale
There is no pill to take for morning sickness, but ginger ale works just as good or better. Drinking ginger tea, the cola, a ginger cookie, or anything else ginger just might be what the doctored ordered when it comes to treating morning sickness.

Tip #4 Dont Smell That
If you are sensitive to strong smells in your pregnancy, and if you have morning sickness you probably are then do your very best to avoid strong smells. The reason is that when you catch a whiff of something that doesnt hit you just right then a wave of nausea probably will be the result. So try and avoid all smells that might be more than you can handle.

Tip #5 Crackers
In the mornings before you get out of bed try eating several plain crackers. Let them sit in your stomach for a few minutes and then slowly get out of bed. This helps calm nausea in some women and it just might work for you too!

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