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Natural Ways To Help Your FSH Levels Decrease

FSH refers to Follicle Stimulating Hormone. Produced by the pituitary gland, FSH is present in both men and in women. FSH helps both eggs and sperm to grow. FSH is necessary for pregnancy. However, high levels of FSH in women can be directly related to infertility. In fact, high levels of FSH will cause a woman problems with conception in 99% of cases. The good news is that high FSH levels may, sometimes, be decreased naturally.

First, it is important to understand that FSH levels can be a sign that a woman’s ovarian reserve is low. That is, she may just not have many eggs left. If this is the case, decreasing FSH levels won’t always help her to conceive. Still, it may be worth a try to decrease your FSH levels through natural ways.

One of the natural ways to help your FSH levels decrease may be to help improve blood flow to the ovaries. By using acupressure or acupuncture, the eggs may recieve more blood, and be more receptive to being fertilized, thereby reducing levels of FSH.

Another natural way to reduce your levels of FSH is with dietary supplements. Some of the supplements that may help can include blue-green algae, royal jelly, and wheat grass. Other dietary choices can cause FSH levels to increase, such as things like sugars, refind carbohydrates, coffee, and tobacco.

You may also have some success decreasing your FSH levels naturally by trying to balance out your overall hormone levels with herbal medicines. A variety of herbal medications and formulas are known to help balance a woman’s overall hormone levels, and taking these sorts of supplements may help your FSH levels to decrease. Talking to your trusted herbalist may be the best way to find out exactly which herbs may be the most useful in your particular situation.

Finally, if you have high levels of FSH your physician may have other procedures, medications, or advice for you. You should discuss your fertility problems with your health care provider, who can help to create an overall treatment plan that can take natural methods into account.

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