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My Child Keeps Getting Sick – Is It from Daycare?

Your child is in daycare for eight hours a day, five days per week and you notice that now he gets sick all the time. Could he possibly be getting sick from daycare? The answer is yes! Kids in daycare are notorious for sharing germs and catching each others illnesses. In fact, if your child is in daycare it is not unusual for him to get sick every four to six weeks. This might seem too frequent, but it is actually the norm among daycare goers. Kids also spread these germs to their parents so everyone gets sick! There is not too much you can do about keeping your child healthy and well if he attends daycare, but there are a couple of pointers that might at least reduce the frequency of illnesses.

Healthy Diet
First of all, you need to make sure your child is eating a healthy diet. The healthier your childs diet the more likely he will have a strong immune system and can fight off some of those germs. A diet full of lean meat, vegetables, dairy products, and fruit is the best diet to offer your child. Try to avoid lots of sugary treats and fast food should be avoided altogether if possible.

Clean Daycare
Make sure you are sending your child to a daycare that is cleaned on a regular basis. You want to know that the bathrooms are cleaned daily, including door knobs and handles. Also, the floors should be mopped and disinfected as well as all countertops and surfaces. Making sure the daycare is clean and disinfected daily will kill those germs faster and reduce the amount of sickness going around.

Personal Hygiene
Another thing you can do is teach your child personal hygiene. Enforce had washing after eating, visiting the bathroom, sneezing, and even playing. Send a bottle of hand sanitizer to school for all children’s use so that everyone has clean hands and fewer germs are spread. Its not easy for little kids to think about washing their hands that often, but if you make it a routine they will get the hang of it.

Amazingly enough even all of these actions wont keep your child from getting sick at daycare. It should hopefully reduce the occurrences, but kids spread germs and are going to get sick. If you notice your child is getting sick on a weekly basis or never seems to get well then a trip to the doctor is in order because something more could be going on.

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