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Morning Sickness During The Second Trimester

It seems almost all pregnant women experience morning sickness at least once and some every single day. However, what gets most women through it is knowing that it will more than likely subside when the second trimester rolls around. Unfortunately for some women this is not the case. Most women do feel much better during the second trimester, but a small percentage of women continue to battle morning sickness throughout the second trimester and sometimes into the third trimester. But, what can be done to help these women? The sad news is there is no magic pill or injection that can cure morning sickness, but there are a few tips that many women suffering from this use to get them through each day.

Tip #1 Ginger
Ginger is natural and soothes nausea. Some women enjoy drinking ginger ale while others eat a ginger cookie. Still others simply take a capsule of ginger and hope that helps. Not all women will see positive results from using ginger to treat their nausea but some women will.

Tip #2 Never Get Hungry
When you have morning sickness you dont want to allow yourself to ever get hungry. The reason why is because when you dont have anything on your stomach you are more likely to feel nauseous. So, eat as many small meals as you need to throughout the day to keep you from getting hungry but that dont feel you up. Getting too full will lead to heartburn, which can exacerbate nausea as well.

Tip #3 Eat Crackers First Thing
Before you ever get out of bed in the morning have a couple of plain crackers. This should get a little something on your stomach and help you get out of bed without having to run to the bathroom. Just remember to take it very slow and easy first thing in the morning.

Tip #4 Avoid Strong Smells
Your sense of smell is stronger during pregnancy so if you are around any particular foods you have an aversion too that have an unpleasant smell this just might exacerbate your nausea. So, try and avoid anything that smells strong or that doesnt appeal to you.

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