Losing Weight During The Second Trimester

Losing weight during the second trimester is not an option because this is time when you should be gaining the most weight. If you are losing weight during the second trimester due to severe morning sickness then you should talk to your doctor immediately. If you are consciously trying to lose weight then stop. This is harmful to your unborn child. Your body needs extra calories each day, not less, in order to provide the necessary nutrition to you and your growing fetus. There are two great suggestions that will help you enjoy a healthy pregnancy while staying within the recommended weight gain guidelines.

Tip #1 Eat Healthy
If you dont want to gain too much weight and want to facilitate weight loss after delivery then make sure you eat healthy. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables will provide you and your baby with the necessary nutrition without depriving you of taste or selection. You will find a wide selection of foods in the grocery store that will help you stay healthy and gain the appropriate amount of weight without tipping the scales. Foods high in fiber, low infant and sugar and that are complex carbohydrates will be the most beneficial foods for you to eat. IF you include these types of foods in your diet then both you and your baby will benefit and you will find it much easier to lose the weight once you give birth.

Tip #2 Exercise
Just because you are pregnant doesnt mean you cant exercise. So find some doctor recommended activities that you think are fun and stick to them. Avoid contact sports or any activity where you might fall or get hit in the abdomen. Walking is a great activity for pregnant women because it can be done anywhere and it helps burn calories, build muscle, and get your heart in shape for labor.

You should never intentionally try to lose weight during pregnancy because it will only harm you and the baby. However, if you are losing weight through no fault of your own, like with continued morning sickness, then talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

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