Kindergarten Teachers – How Strict Should They Be?

Many parents send their children to kindergarten and then are shocked by how strict the teacher is. Then there are other parents who send their child to kindergarten and are surprised at how lax the teacher is. The interesting thing is that parents who have children in the same classrooms can have these exact same feelings with the same level of discipline from the teacher. Some parents are incredibly strict and others incredibly lax, so obviously a teacher who is anything else will result in some criticism from certain parents. The most important question, however, is how strict should kindergarten teachers be? The answer is fairly strict.

Teachers will let you know that if children are given free reign and are not disciplined then it wont be long before they are acting out and taking advantage of the teacher. However if the teacher is too strict then this will stifle creative learning among the students and this is not optimal either. So the best option is for teachers to be strict enough to keep the kids in line and doing what they are supposed to be doing and lax enough to allow kids their creativity and fun. Of course, this is a very fine line that teachers must follow.

Additionally, some teachers are naturally strict or naturally easy going. If your child responds better to a certain type of person then you will be better off finding a teacher that reflects those characteristics. Of course, you may not have many options to choose from so you will need to prepare your child and also talk to your childs teacher.

Talking to the kindergarten teacher and finding out her teaching style and how strict she is will prepare you for the year and help you prepare your child. If you are a very strict parent and the teacher is much more easy going your child might be confused between behaviors that are acceptable at school and at home. The same goes for an incredibly easy going parent and a strict teacher. So, teachers and parents should get on the same page regarding discipline in order to help keep the child learning and enjoying school. Also, the fewer mixed signals there are the better.

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