Keeping To A Set Schedule While Homeschooling

Homeschooling is a tremendous responsibility. When you homeschool, you alone are responsible for one of the most important aspect of your child’s life. It is up to you to take your responsibility seriously. While it is true that one of the biggest advantages of homeschooling is the flexibility that it provides, it is still important to set a schedule, and keep to it, as much as possible.

This is not to say that your homeschooling schedule can’t be flexible or that it can’t change. In the same way that your child would not go to school if they were sick, for example, you probably won’t homeschool when your child is ill. If your child has a doctor’s appointment, your set schedule needs to be flexible enough that you can take her, just as you might pick her up from a regular school to take her to a doctor’s appointment.

There are some thinks to think about when setting your homeschooling schedule. With younger children, for example, it is important that you schedule an appropriate amount of time for the various subjects. Preschoolers, for example, should focus on a given subject for around three to five minutes. In contrast, high-schoolers can spend as much as an hour on a single subject. Most of the rest of children will fall somewhere in between.

You also need to schedule a reasonable and realistic amount of overall time for homeschooling when you set your homeschooling schedule. In terms of actual instruction, a preschooler should spend around half an hour to forty-five minutes in instruction. A high-schooler should spend around two hours or more in instruction. Here again, the rest of the children will fall somewhere in between. Even so, you need to schedule additional set homeschooling activities, such as reading on her own, doing homework, working on projects, or taking part in a homeschool gym or other group activities.

If your schedule has to change on a given day, don’t stress too much about not keeping to the set schedule. Just know that you will have to make up the time on another day.

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