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Keeping Discipline Consistent – Why It Is Important

It really is a commitment for parents to be disciplinarians. That is because when kids do something wrong you must be committed to making them aware of it as well as punishing them. Unfortunately, disciplining your child is not easy and doing so requires a lot of commitment. The most important thing of all is that you are consistent. In fact being consistent is what it takes to ensure your child learns right from wrong and knows when he is doing well and when he is doing poorly.

When you are not consistent with your children they will realize quickly that sometimes their poor behavior is corrected with discipline and sometimes it is not. When your child realizes this then you are in big trouble because the kids will then challenge everything you say. The reason why is kids like to do what they like to do and when they realize they can get away with it at least some of the time then they will more than likely try to get away with it all the time. This will make it more difficult for parents to discipline because the children will always try to get away with their actions instead of simply doing as they are told.

So, if you want to ensure that your children will be well behaved and will listen when you ask them to do something so you do not need to discipline so often then you should be consistent. This means every single time your child does not listen to you or do as you ask you must discipline them. Following through will enforce to your child that their actions have consequences. And, when they realize this they will know that when they misbehave they will be punished. This realization will frequently deter your kids from misbehaving simply because they dont want to be punished. However, those children who get away with bad behavior sometimes will always push the envelope just to see how far they can go.

This is why it is so important to be consistent with your children. It makes the difference between really well behaved children and kids who never listen and are always testing their limits. Parents want well behaved children and in order to get them the parents must be consistent and always follow through with discipline and never let their kids get away with anything. This will be difficult for a while, but if you are consistent your kids will soon learn what is acceptable and whats not and wont misbehave as much. This means you wont need to discipline as much. In the long run, being consistent and a disciplinarian with your children will pay off for everyone involved.

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