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Keeping Discipline Calm & Controlled

Keeping discipline calm and controlled is fairly easy to do if you have a plan. That plan should consist of routines, realistic expectations, limits, and rules. When a child knows what the limits are, what to expect, and what the family rules are then it is much easier for the child to behave properly. This means that discipline is calmer and controlled when it needs to be doled out simply because the parents are not at their wits end with their childs behavior. However, if this type of plan is not in place then discipline rarely feels calm and controlled because the parents are always disciplining and becoming more stressed by the minute. The following plan will help parents maintain their calm when disciplining their children because the children will misbehave on a less frequent basis and when they do the parents are much more calm and able to deal with it.

When a family has a routine then the child knows what to expect. Routines are important because without them kids are left wondering what comes next and sometimes this perpetuates poor behavior. However, if you have a family routine and the child knows that after dinner is homework time then you will never have a struggle about when the child does his homework simply because you have a routine. This works well for all kinds of activities so go ahead and create a routine. That way your kids will know what comes next and wont fight you on it or try to get you to put things off.

Kids learn through experiences. So, when you tell your toddler not to touch something you can pretty much count on them touching it again. Its not that they are trying to disregard you but they are trying to learn more about their world. You can try and explain why your toddler cant touch certain things, but they probably wont understand. So, if there are things off limits in your home then make sure you store them in a safe place where little hands cant get to them. Doing this will ensure your child doesnt touch things you dont want them to and it will reduce unnecessary discipline.

Children need limits and when they have them they are more behaved. When they dont have limits then the world is wide open for them to do as they please. When a child does as he pleases then you can rest assured he is probably involving himself in questionable behavior. So, make sure your child has limits and this will make discipline much easier.

Finally, make sure your family has some basic rules. Too many rules are just confusing and your kid wont be able to remember them. So, come up with a few basic rules that are easy to remember and constantly discussed within the family. That way your child will know what is acceptable behavior and what is not. This allows them to know when they are breaking a rule and that discipline will follow that action.

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