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Keeping An Exercise Regime Going During The Second Trimester

The second trimester is known as the honeymoon phase of pregnancy because it is generally the easiest phase for most women. That is because the worst of the pregnancy symptoms like exhaustion and morning sickness have passed but the big belly has yet to appear making the second trimester a lot of fun. So, if you slacked off your exercise routine while you were in your first trimester it is time to start thinking about it again because women who exercise during pregnancy have an easier time in childbirth and have less weight to lose at the end of the pregnancy. The following exercises are approved for the second trimester.

Walking is a great exercise while you are pregnant. It does not take too much effort, can be done anywhere, and will help you keep those pregnancy pounds from just piling on. Do your best to walk every single day. Listen to your body, though. If you plan on a half hour every day and your body says too much after 15 minutes then you should stop!

Swimming is a wonderful non-impact sport that helps shape and tone your body. It can be especially good for pregnant women dealing with swollen ankles that make walking difficult. Swimming laps, treading water, or just moving around is enough to burn some calories and keep you in shape.

Non-Contact Sports
There are a lot of good sports you can play during your second trimester but contact sports are out. If you have any questions talk to your doctor beforehand. Also, avoid sports where you could fall and injure yourself and possibly your baby.

These are just a few of the recommendations for staying in shape while you are in your second trimester. If you have been active throughout pregnancy there is no reason to stop now. However, if you are beginning a new exercise regime now you need to take it very slow and only do so under the supervision of a doctor.

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