Is There Any Way To Prevent Colic Happening?

Parents who have had a colicky baby in the past, or those who have known someone with a colicky baby, want to know if there is any way of preventing colic. Because, if colic can be prevented who doesn’t want to take the necessary measures to keep it at bay? Unfortunately, colic is something that happens to twenty percent or more of infants. It usually begins around one to three weeks, peaks at six weeks, and subsides by four months. There is nothing you can do to keep colic from happening. It does not happen more among boys or girls or among firstborns or subsequent born children. Colic strikes all types of babies and there seems to be no rhyme or rhythm. Some research shows babes who are formula fed are more likely to develop colic than breastfed babies are, but the verdict is still out. The answer is that doctors arent quite sure what colic is or how it develops. But, once it does it takes up to five months for it to reside.

So, as much as new parents would like to believe so there is no way to prevent colic from happening. However, there are some things you can do to try and keep your baby comfortable while he has colic.

For example, white noise either from a machine, dryer, vacuum cleaner, or the like, soothes many colicky babies. This is an easy remedy if it works for your infant so definitely give it a try and see if it works. The sound of the vacuum might get annoying, but it is not nearly as stressful as an inconsolable baby.

Another method of treating colic is to keep your baby in constant motion. Lots of babies find comfort by being carried around on their moms back or belly in a sling or backpack. Driving your baby in the car helps as well.

Yet another option is to engage in kangaroo care. This option was developed for premature infants, but it works for all small babies. Simply place your baby against your bare chest, make sure baby has a diaper on, and keep him there for as long as he wants. Keeping the baby close really helps relieve some colic symptoms.

There are other remedies as well from massage to essential oils. You will have to try whatever is available to find relief for your baby,. Just remember if they don’t work that your baby will eventually grow out of the colic!

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