Is There A Treatment For Low Sperm Motility?

Low sperm motility can be one of the most frustrating fertility problems that a man can experience. While other problems, such as a variciole, may be address through surgical or medical means, there just are not yet many, effective and proven medical answers to low sperm motility. The bad news is, of course, taht there are not treatments for low sperm motility that are guaranteed to work for every man. Having said that, the good news is that there may be some medical treatments that work for some men, and there may be other treatments available that a man with low sperm motility might try.

In some cases, low sperm motility may be caused by a hormone deficiency. If low sperm motility is caused by a deficiency in a hormone, there may be medications that can be used to treat the hormone deficiency. Once the hormone levels are where they are supposed to be, it is possible that sperm motility will improve. Unfortunately, it is rather rare for low sperm motility to be caused by a hormone issue. Even if there is a hormonal cause for low sperm motility, there is not guarantee that treating the hormone problem will help with low sperm motility.

There may be other treatments for low sperm motility, however. Some studies suggest that low sperm motility can be caused by a lack of having the two proteins L-carnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine. These two proteins act as a catalyst by which the sperm can utilize the natural sugars surrounding it in the semen, and use that energy to move forward. Supplementing these carnitine proteins may be, for some men, an effective treatment for low sperm motility.

Again, not all men will respond to a treatment for low sperm motility. In cases where supplements or medications aren’t helping to treat the low sperm motility, more aggressive fertility treatments, such as ICSI, may be necessary. For some couples, only IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) may be effective at treating low sperm motility.

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