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Is it safe to move furniture around when I am pregnant?

Typically, expectant Moms are advised to avoid heavy lifting during pregnancy. The bodys ligaments and tendons soften and stretch during pregnancy due to the hormone progesterone your body is producing. It is important that your ligaments and tendons stretch, so that you can make room to deliver the baby, but it puts you at greater risk for injury.

If you must do some lifting during your pregnancy use common sense and good lifting techniques lift with a straight spine, use your legs (not your back) from a squatting position and do not hold your breath.

If you are at risk for placental separation, placenta previa or preterm labor, you should not lift at all. Some studies have linked long-term hard physical labor during pregnancy with preterm labor. Your baby is very well protected inside your uterus, but you should also think about drinking plenty of water and making sure that you do not get too hot. Watch your breathing, too, if you are really huffing and puffing you should stop. You should never lift more than you feel like you can handle. If you can, get some help moving your furniture around. Take advantage of your friends and relatives that are willing to help you now, it seems that everyone will jump in to help you when you are pregnant!

It is important that you avoid back injury during your pregnancy. Back pain is common enough during pregnancy without adding the risk of injury. While a back injury most likely wont hurt the baby, it might land you on a mandatory bed rest. If you lift 50 to 60 pounds (perhaps for work) on a regular basis, then you are probably used to lifting and typically know how to do it in a safe manner. However, as your body changes you will need to listen carefully to what your body tells you so that you can avoid injury. You will want to readjust your activity level as you get further along in your pregnancy.

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