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Is it safe to diet during pregnancy?

Many women start pregnancy at a higher weight than they would like not to mention become worried about gaining weight during the pregnancy. So lots of women wonder if it is ok to diet during pregnancy. The answer to this is no. Women should not diet during pregnancy under any circumstances because the growing fetus needs nutrition and so does the pregnant womans body. So, if you are worried about gaining weight during pregnancy dont turn to a diet to keep you thin. Instead, eat a healthy and moderate diet that has enough calories and nutrients for you and baby but avoid high fat foods that are unhealthy. Also, follow an exercise routine that will keep you in shape and help you burn off any extra calories you consume.

But, under no circumstances should you consider going on a fad diet or a diet of any kind while you are pregnant. First of all, your baby needs nutrients to grow and develop properly and if you arent eating enough then your body will steal your stores to give them to your baby. This will leave you feeling fatigued and may even affect your overall health.

The best advice is to simply enjoy your pregnancy and eat what you like, but in moderation. If you follow this advice then you will gain the recommended amount of weight while you are pregnant, your baby will get the nutrition it needs to grow, and you will feel well. Remember that after the baby is born you will have time to begin dieting and lose that pregnancy weight. So there is really no reason for you to worry about getting fat while pregnant because it is something that happens to all pregnant women. It is just part of life and if you want to have a baby then you will inevitably need to gain weight in order to have a happy and healthy baby.

Women who are obese are recommended to gain no more than 15 20 pounds; while normal weight women are recommended to gain 20- 25 pounds and thin women are recommended to gain 25-30 pounds. Some women who are carrying twins, triplets, or more fetuses will obviously gain more weight. The good news is that within the first week of delivery most women will lose close to 10-15 pounds thanks to the baby and extra fluids. Afterwards there is just a bit of weight left to lose and this can easily be worked off by breastfeeding, exercising, and eating a sensible diet.

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