Is it safe to color my hair during the first trimester?

Many women color their hair whether it be a complete dye job or simply highlights. The problem is whether it is ok to continue doing this during the first trimester of pregnancy. There ahs been a lot of conflicting research about whether it is safe to color your hair during the first trimester of pregnancy or even at all. Most studies show that very little of the chemicals used when coloring hair actually enters the blood stream so it should be ok to color your hair during the fist trimester. But, almost all doctors will recommend that you do not color your hair until after the first trimester. There are many doctors that will recommend you not color your hair at all. What you decide to do is up to you, but keep in mind the health of your baby is more important than what your hair looks like.

One thing to keep in mind is that the fumes from the hair salon can do as much or more damage than the dye on your hair. So, if you do decide to have your hair colored make sure you do so in a very well ventilated area or first thing in the morning when there are not a lot of other people having their hair colored as well. Additionally, consider highlights instead of full on color. The reason being that highlights do not actually touch the scalp so very little if any chemical could get into your bloodstream. Full coloring touches the scalp and much more of the chemical will get in your bloodstream.

Many women have colored their hair while pregnant in the first trimester and throughout the entire pregnancy and have perfectly healthy babies. However, there is still research being conducted to determine if it is ok or not and what the long term health risks might be for your fetus. If you or your doctor has any concerns whatsoever then you should definitely stay clear of hair dye while you are pregnant.

Be careful using natural hair dyes like henna as well because they might make your hair color even worse than it is if you dont know how to use them. It wont be long before your baby is born and if you have roots showing until then it is for the health of your baby and you can always have your hair colored after you give birth.

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