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Is It Possible To Fully Potty-Train Our Child In 1 Week?

Lots of first time parents approach potty training as a skill that can be taught fairly quickly. In fact, many parents want to know if potty training can be accomplished in one week. The general response to this question is no, although there may be some toddlers out there who are physically and psychologically ready to be fully potty trained in one week.

In general, while toddlers are showing interest in using the potty their bodies are still growing and are not 100% effective at letting them know when they have to go to the bathroom. The result of this is accidents and a child who is learning to use the potty but who is not there yet. Most children take about eight months to be fully potty trained so the hope of dedicating one week to potty training really is a bit off.

Also, most children learn to day potty train really fast. In fact, you may be able to fully train your toddler to use the potty during the day in a weeks time and have positive results. The problem will arise with nighttime training as this is more difficult not to mention children are generally older when they are fully nighttime potty trained. If you can achieve full nighttime potty training in one week then there are probably lots of parents out there who want to know your secret!

There are of course children who develop quicker than others and the result is that they are capable of being fully potty trained in a short period of time. However, if you buy a program on one week potty training or read an article on the Internet explaining how it is possible and then it fails for your child dont blame it on your child. Instead, blame the failure on yourself for believing a normally long process could be achieved so quickly and easily.

Always keep in mind that children should be the ones who initiate the potty training process. If you wait until this period of time then you will certainly see that potty training is achievable in a much shorter time period than if you were to try and start potty training when your child is not ready. Just keep in mind that potty training is a long process that requires a lot of love and patience eon the part of the parents and the child. Then, if you are able to achieve full potty training in one week good for you. If not, you werent really expecting fast results anyway and you are not let down and wont take out any aggression on your toddler.

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