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Is It Ok To Bribe My Child To Use The Potty?

Many parents fear potty training because they want to ensure their children learn how to use the potty as soon as possible yet they dont want to fail. As a result some parents result to bribing their child to use the potty. This might work for some but more than likely will cause more problems in the future. An award system, however, does work and is a little more matter of fact than bribing. You can talk to your child about using the potty and that is what grownups do. Explain that accidents might happen while your child is learning and that is ok, but for every successful use of the potty your child will win a sticker. You want to keep track of this on a calendar so your child has visual stimulation of progress and the eventual prize. You may need to start low with three stickers or even two so your child receives an immediate prize and then gradually move the sticker count up. There are some great techniques to offer rewards to your child for using the potty, but try to avoiding bribing completely.

Whats the Best Reward?
The reward for you is that your child will be potty trained so take your time and be patient. The day is coming! Give your child a sticker with each successful use of the potty and explain that when a certain amount of stickers are achieved your child wins a prize. This prize should be something like a new book, a trip to the pet store, an afternoon at the park, baking with mom, an overnight with grandma, and other similar ideas. Try not to encourage your childs bad eating habits by offering candy. This will result in your child trying to use the bathroom every five seconds just to get a piece of candy. You might need a jar of small toys at first to help the potty training process along, but be careful in the reward system you set up. You want something that will work well during potty training but not something your child will rely on forever.

What the Doctors Say
There are many doctors that believe the reward system is worthwhile and works very well while there are others that say children will learn to use the potty when they are good and ready. So, where does that leave you? It leaves you choosing sides with different doctors or else using a potty training formula that works for your child. Not all kids are the same and what works for most couples might not work for you. Just keep this in mind and be patient. You may have to change your tactics several times in order to find the best system for your kid, but in time you will and your child will be potty trained. Just be patient, kind, and allow your child to take their time while always being supported. The day will arrive when you no longer have to worry about diapers, but take one day at a time until you reach that point.

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