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Is It OK For Me To Visit My Child at Daycare?

You have to leave your child at daycare because you have to return to work. However, you want to know that if during your free time or lunch break you are allowed to visit your child at daycare. All daycares have their own rules and regulations so you will need to talk to the daycare director to find out what rules apply to this at your childs daycare.

The majority of daycare centers across the nation will require you to have an appointment before showing up to the daycare center if your child is not yet enrolled. However, as soon as your child is enrolled in the daycare most daycares welcome parents at any time. This means that when you want to see your child you can stop by at any time. This gives lots of parents peace of mind knowing that they can stop by and see their child at a moments notices. Not all parents have a lot of free time during the day to stop and see their children at daycare although when they do it is nice to be able to pop in.

Some daycares will recommend that parents who have children enrolled in the program that have separation anxiety avoid stopping by and disrupting their child. This is simply because the morning goodbye can frequently be very stressful and by the time your child calms down and you show up again it can make settling down again very difficult.

Of course, some children feel better knowing their parent will stop by during lunch and eat with them, go back to work, and then return in the afternoon. If your child has separation anxiety then you may just need to try it once and see what happens. If it makes your child feel better then you might consider making time to stop by every day. If it makes your child more upset then you might want to avoid it for some time.

Keep in mind as well that if the director of your childs daycare says you are not allowed to stop and see your child at any time of the day then you might want to enroll your child in a different daycare. This seems a little suspicious and like the director might be hiding some practices going on at the daycare. So, if this happens to you consider stopping by anyway just to see what is going on. Also, talk the director and see if you can make special arrangements. If this is not the case then simply find a different daycare. Your childs safety and your ability to stop and see your child at any time are whats most important.

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