Is It Important That We Establish Early Discipline With Our Toddler?

Many times parents feel their children do not need discipline until they are older. However, this can frequently cause behavior problems because the children are already accustomed to getting away with everything. So, when the child is five years old and the parents being to discipline the child does not react very well. Fortunately, this can all be avoided simply by establishing early discipline during the toddler years. This does not mean you should be doling out capital punishment, but your little one is capable of understanding right and wrong and should be held accountable. The following tips will help you discipline your toddler, which in turn will result in a better behaved child.

Create Limits
You need to give your child limits and enforce them. If you find your child playing under the kitchen sink or sitting in the fireplace then you should immediately let your child know that this behavior is not only unacceptable but it is also unsafe. Tell your child no forcefully and maybe even swat their hand to drive the point home. Your child must understand there are limits and if he crosses them he will be punished.

Ignore the Tantrums
Your child must understand that no matter how many tantrums he throws there are some behaviors he will simply have to accept and deal with. You must show you are in charge and not give into the tantrums. For example, if you are in a parking lot your child must hold your hand. Even if he throws a tantrum, screams, and cries, do not give in. He must hold your hand for safety reasons and will learn that a tantrum only wastes his energy.

Be Consistent
You must be consistent if you want your child to understand and for the discipline to really work. So, every time your child does something he should not do simply say No and keep saying No until your child understands. It will take a lot of patience and understanding, but if you are consistent with discipline with your toddler then you can rest assured that discipline will be much easier as your child ages.

For all of you parents out there who think it is cute when your toddler does something he shouldnt or when he doesnt listen you will soon change your mind as he grows older. So, dont allow your child to go down the wrong path. Instead, start discipline early, be consistent, and your child will benefit tremendously over the long run.

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